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To better support our customers, we have listed some answers to the most frequently asked questions about Pricella's products.

Firstly, please check the formula of both media and check whether there are special requirements for the medium. It is replaceable when the 2 basal media are the same type. It is recommended to mix the new basal medium with the previous basal medium at 1:1 and use it to culture cells for about 1 week, then replace all with the new basal medium after the cells are in stable status. During this period, pay attention to the observation of the cell state. It is not recommended to change when the basal media are different types. If you insist on it, it’s suggested to take a small number of cells and test it in subculture for 2 to 3 passages. Observe the cell status. If there is no status change and the cells adapt well, you can replace the medium. Before replacing, it is recommended to cryopreserve a sufficient amount of cells, in case of a cell shortage due to the non-adaptation.
You can find the formula information of this medium through our website. If no relevant information is available, please contact our technical support. Most of the basal media contain NaHCO3, except for the L-15 medium, which adopts a phosphate salt buffer system. The content of NaHCO3 in each basal medium is not necessarily the same.
If the medium is in powder form, it needs to be filter-sterilized after preparation. If the medium is in liquid form, there’s no need to filter-sterilize. All our liquid basal media are filtered by 0.1μm filter membrane to ensure sterilization. Additional filtration will increase the risk of contamination.