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Buffer & Salt Solution

Balanced salt solution (BSS) is mainly composed of inorganic salts and glucose and is used to maintain cell osmotic pressure, maintain pH stability and provide simple nutrition. It is mainly used for the rinsing of tissue blocks and cells and for the preparation of other reagents during sampling. In in vitro experiments, it can meet the basic survival and metabolism needs of tissues, organs, and cells.

As the essential reagents for cell laboratories, Pricella has a wide range of buffer and salt solutions, all carefully developed by the technical R&D team and verified by the rigorous cultivation of nearly 1,000 different types of cells, including 36 products such as the most commonly used PBS, DPBS, D-Hank's and Hepes.

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Advantages of Pricella® Buffer & Salt Solution

Complete range

13 buffer & salt solution for flexibility in meeting your experimental needs.

Stable quality

with GMP standard production workshop, fully automatic packaging line, and the product batch-to-batch variation is nearly zero.

Sufficient inventory

fully automatic dispensing system with a capacity of over 1200 bottles of reagent products per hour

Special customization accepted

Pricella offers a customized service for reagents, with delivery times subject to availability


The The water we used in the reagents is the top-grade ultra-pure water, and they will be filter-sterilized in the configuration process.