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Congratulations on the website launch

Source: PricellaPublished: 2023-02-10

Congratulations on the successful launch of our official website.


In 2023, Pricella will officially enter the international market with a brand-new name and profile, providing cell culture media and reagents for scientific research and enterprise workers. In order to let customers know us through the Internet comprehensively, after several months of careful planning and preparation, the company's official website was officially launched in February 2023.


The new website combines today's popular website design concepts with a simple and elegant style and beautiful and clean pages. The website is rich in content, detailed in information, and clear in structure. The overall structure is reasonable and the functional modules are complete. The current popular responsive technology is used to ensure that users have a comfortable browsing experience.


We are full of confidence to contribute to the development of the life science field. We firmly believe in "The Professional Cell Culture Enables a healthier world".